Ramblings and readings of Rabbi Aaron Spiegel

Welcome to Ma Hamatzav! If you haven’t already done a Google search, the expression is a recent Hebrew term that means, ‘what’s up?’ But you have to add the inflection of the famous Budweiser commercials, ‘wazzuuuup?‘ (or the Jewish version, Shalom……)

Some of the posts are original thoughts (if there are such things) some are re-posts of other people’s thoughts. I’ve learned that while people may be reading my stuff they hardly ever respond. That’s because I’m not controversial enough. If I start getting replies I know I’ve arroused passions – or in other words, made someone mad! That’s OK too!!

I’m not a pulpit rabbi – any more! My real gig is as a director of the Center for Congregations, an amazing and unique institution organized to assist any and all congregations in the state of Indiana. I’m the former Hillel rabbi for Butler University, former CEO and board chair of Synagogue 3000 which spun off the Synagogue Studies Institute, Inc. of which I’m the president.

Most importantly, I’m the father of Hannah, Eli and Gabe Spiegel and married to an amazing woman, Kelly.

Thanks for visiting!


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