Ann Who?

October 15, 2007 at 5:29 pm Leave a comment

By now, anyone who is awake and aware of current events has heard about Ann Coulter’s current blunder. Coulter made the mistake (or maybe not) of going on Donny Deutsch’s show, Big Idea. Deutsch, by the way, handled Coulter wonderfully. If this were a daily show – Jon Stewart vs. a guest duke it out – Deutsch clearly won.

However, Coulter still caused harm. She claims that Jews are “unperfected” unless they become Christian. While she tried to explain this as a benign statement and not meant to offend – it isn’t, and it did.

As my Quaker brother Brent Bill wrote on his blog:
“What do you call a woman who goes on television dressed like a sluttier version of Britney Spears, spewing venom about anybody she disagrees with, confusing being a smart-ass with being funny, and spouting things completely against Jesus’ message?A ‘conservative Christian.’ At least that’s what Ann Coulter said about herself yesterday on The Today Show. True conservative Christians like Billy Graham must be so proud.”

Another pastor friend of mine was less kind about his comments. He said “Coulter is a NAZI with less class!”

Why isn’t the Jewish community responding to Coulter? To date, the only communal response is from the National Jewish Democratic Council. They’ve started a “Stop Coulter” campaign, urging those in the media to stop interviewing her. I agree with them and signed their petition, but I’m sure it’s a move that’s preaching to the choir. This message won’t reach those who believe Coulter’s statements, whether publically or, in most cases, privately.

I think we’re all too stunned to marshall our forces in response. There are those who believe any response gives her the publicity she seeks. They may be right so I will offer a personal response – ouch, that hurts!

Added 11/9/07 – too funny!

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