Prayer in the State House

October 31, 2007 at 2:19 pm Leave a comment

This is a letter to the editor sent to the Indianapolis Star, 10/31/07 (which I’m sure they won’t print!) – I was wrong, they printed it!:

I am discouraged by the recent turn of events regarding prayer in the Indiana Statehouse. While I respect the due process of law, I am concerned by the smug attitude of Brian Bosma and others who see this as a victory. The issue is not about prayer in a public venue as much as it is the majority religious view – Christianity – flexing its muscle over the minority – non Christians. While this intolerance is nothing new, it is disappointing that the state of Indiana is a proponent of such narrow-mindedness.

I tried to express my outrage as moderately as possible. What I really wanted to say was “What the f$*k are you doing?”

Brian Bosma and his posse seem determined to make Indiana a Christian state. Rabbi Arnold Bienstock was quoted as saying, “It is very hard to encourage people to come to a state that basically seems to be exclusivist. The bottom line is that non-Christians feel uncomfortable, and they don’t feel like they are part of the group.” He’s absolutely correct – Christian exclusivism dominates this state, at least in public. Since I live here I know there are intelligent, tolerant, accepting Christians who value and support their non-Christian friends and neighbors. The question is, where are they in this public debate?

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Ann Who? Jeffrey Harrison z”l

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